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James Loudspeaker is a highly regarded domestic loudspeaker manufacturer based in Napa, California. For 9 years, James has been designing, manufacturing and marketing specialized and very high performance loudspeaker products for the custom home installation market. Using the latest in material technology and patented designs, James produces a wide range of products including full range in-walls (23 models) superslim on walls (3 models), in ceiling speakers (7 models), hidden woofers (9) models, landscape systems, custom plasma bars, and bookshelf/ floor standing speakers.

James designs all of its products from the ground up, using aircraft aluminum backboxes and baffles for all the full range in walls, in ceiling, and in wall woofers. Most of the full range products include a patented adjustable crossover network that allows the user to tune the speaker to the room as well as make the systems impervious to over powering.
Some of James unique products include “power pipe” subwoofers for concealed bass indoors, subterranean outdoor subwoofers for high output bass with very little intrusion into the environment, unique outdoor satellites for distributed sound to match the powerful subs, 1.5” thick on-wall system, and many more unique and patented products.

James also is unique in that almost all products can be customized at the factory for finishes, colors and even internal components, usually within a few days, allowing James customers to offer a very custom and specialized approach to their installations.

James has a reputation for innovation, performance and unique solutions for the serious home theater designer/installer and custom integrator.
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Today, once again, a new standard has emerged.

The QX Series from James Loudspeaker includes

performance that is second to none.

With a borderless aluminum grille that protrudes less

than 3/16” (5 mm) from the wall .

Quad Aluminum 0.75” (20 mm) dome tweeters 

in a 22.5° offset array

Fits all standard 2x4 constructed walls

Aircraft grade 

5052 aluminum construction

The world’s finest speakers.

Our pleasure, your enjoyment

Here is a photo of a custom bar we did recently. It’s utilizing our new 3/4” tweeter array and 5.25” woofers.

Our speakers are used exclusively throughout Chicago’s new light-based art exhibit called Lightscape, a synchronization of audio and lighting —bringing State Street to life.

Home theater magazine stops by our booth for a minute to talk with us and smell the flowers.

Want to see what’s hot in other parts of the world? #AvTweeps

The good folks at @GeekBeatTV (@JohnPoz & @CaliLewis) of the @Revision3 family stopped by our booth at @CEDIA, Watch the video to see what they found.

James Loudspeaker, the Rolls Royce in custom speaker industry - Digital House @CEDIA
We are always honored to hear things like this, especially when it comes from high up in the CE/CI world from an organization like CEDIA.

On the road again with custom James Loudspeakers providing quality audio for the road warrior in you.

What you’re looking at is a James Loudspeaker SPL67LCR-AL that is 120’ long and beautifully hidden, but most definitely not unheard.

The SPL67LCR-AL is James’ large format, shallow LCR bar for today’s large video displays. Though only 2.75” in depth, the SPL67LCR packs a powerful punch with James unique shallow driver technology and tweeter designs to provide “big” sound for those “big” displays.